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Dear Compal Customers,


Welcome to our March auction catalogue. The catalogue is open for bidding at You can also browse/search the catalogue here in the Catalogue section of the Compalcomics site.


Due to’s 3% increase levied upon us (and everyone else) for internet bidders late last year, we have had to raise our buyer’s premium by the same amount, from 16% to 19%. I genuinely hope this won’t dissuade our regular online bidders unnecessarily as this all-inclusive premium is still one of the lowest in the auction trade.


Our successful team up with continues to provide you with real time bidding, viewable online, as bids are placed by our customers who have registered their details. Please check ‘How To Bid’ for all the info you need to bid online and how the Timed Auction works.


This catalogue showcases the second part of the Bob Monkhouse Archive collection with original artwork boards of Thunderbirds, Garth and Brett Million’s Ghost World by Frank Bellamy, Dan Dare by Frank Hampson and The Beano’s Magic Lollipops by Allan Morley. Our artwork selection also features front covers of Beano and Dandy from the 1950s along with Broons and Desperate Dan pages by Dudley Watkins. Joe Colquhoun’s atmospheric boards of Charley’s War from the Battle of the Somme are also here as is Simon Donald’s completely disrespectful ‘X’ rated Valentine’s Day card artwork for Viz and Comic Relief in 1988



The star item on offer in our March auction is The Beano Comic No 1 with No1 Flyer at lot 11. It’s in pretty good shape, too. The first Beano Christmas issue, No 21, is a few lots further on and Beano and Dandy are represented by magnificent bound volumes from the late Forties and early Fifties. A fine copy of the second Dandy annual from 1940 and a superb run of Broons and Oor Wullie rare ‘office copy’ hardbound books complete a very fresh DC Thomson collection.


There’s a near complete run of Mighty Midget ‘Blitz’ books and a full 500 issue run of Eagle comics from Volumes 1-10. A well-worn series of Triumph / Superman issues should attract plenty of interest at No Reserve and there are lots of interplanetary titles including Space Ace, Space Travellers, Buck Rogers, Mystery in Space and Space Comics Captain Valiant.


Our US section includes a real rarity in New York World’s Fair #1 from 1938, and it is accompanied by first issues of Buck Rogers, Super Comics and Comics on Parade, all from the late Thirties.


We present the first tranche of a wonderful 1940s higher grade pulp collection including Dime Detective, Jungle Stories, Planet Stories and Weird Tales. Two further stand-out 50s rarities are Sweethearts 119 (with coveted Marilyn Monroe cover) and Black Rider 8 (#1) where Stan Lee posed for the photo-cover of this first issue. All of you romantics out there have not been forgotten and runs of Personal Love, Sweethearts and New Romances are ready to take you back down memory lane.


The Silver Age promotes a good run of Spider-Man issues, right up to CGC #300 with authenticated Tod McFarlane signature. There’s a solid cents Avengers #4 and runs of Batman, Cap America, Fantastic Four, Hulk 3, 4, 5 and 6, Strange Tales, Tales of Suspense and X-Men with plenty of high grade individual issues amongst them including a very fresh cowboy collection of Kid Colt Outlaw, Rawhide Kid, Ringo Kid and Two-Gun Kid. No kidding.


One final temptation: We offer a page of Black Panther original artwork at lot 310. It was originally produced in the UK by artist, Billy Graham as a Planet of The Apes series in 1975.


Please enjoy our latest catalogue,


Malcolm Phillips
Comic Book Auctions Ltd.


All postal and fax bids need to be with us by FRIDAY 1 MARCH and we will enter them on your behalf in Book Auctions website closing on Sunday 3 March starting at 2pm.