Comic Book Postal Auctions

How To Bid In Our Viewable Real-Time Auction


Please register with our partners, to take part in the auction. If you do not have internet access you may still post or fax your bids using the downloadable catalogue Bidding Form to reach us by the Friday before the auction’s close. We will then enter them via on your behalf. To cover charges our new buyer’s premium will be 19% of the bid price.


Current high bids will be viewable in real time at / Comic Book Auctions website. Bidding will take place in the following increments: £1-20 in £1 increments, £20-50 in £2, £50-200 in £5, £200-500 in £10, £500-2000 in £20, £2000-5000 in £50, £5000-10,000 in £100, £10,000-20,000 in £200 and £20,000-100,000 in £500 increments.


If your bid has been bettered you will automatically be advised by email. If you wish to leave your own high bid on a lot it will not be viewable until it is reached by competing bids. If it is not reached, your winning bid will be lowered to one increment above the next highest bid. The Timed Auction will close on the advertised day and time with final bids being taken in one minute intervals from Lot 1. To avoid ‘sniping’ these intervals may be extended by two minutes where necessary.


Estimates and Reserves

The estimates are there as a guide to save you time and trouble when making your bids. In the absence of bids at or above the estimate, lower bids will be accepted subject to any ‘reserve’ placed on the lot by the seller. We choose our lots carefully for quality and value and they are in the Catalogue to sell. However, many of our sellers do place a reserve price on a lot and will not accept a lower bid. We keep these reserve prices confidential as is proper. Some lots are marked as having ‘No Reserve’ and these will be sold to the highest bidder no matter how low the winning bid may be. This does not mean that the lot has no value but simply that the seller wishes to sell the lot relying on the essence of competition to secure them a fair price.


After the Closing Date

We advise successful bidders of the lots they have won within a few days of the Closing Date by post, email or telephone if necessary. Once your winning bids have been accepted, the lots are yours, subject to the conditions set out in our Standard Terms and Conditions of Business (copies available upon request). The conditions are broadly these: Our invoices are due for payment within seven days and cheques or postal orders must be sent within that time. Your cheque should be made payable to ‘Comic Book Auctions Ltd’. If we do not receive your cheque within the time limit we reserve the right to award any or all of your lots to the next highest bidder. Postage and packing charges will be added to invoice subtotals along with the Buyer’s Premium of 19% of the bid price. We also accept Visa and Mastercard credit and debit cards for which there is a 2% foreign card handling charge for those customers outside the European Union. Items will be mailed by recorded delivery or similar service once payment has cleared. We are happy to send your goods by any other method you may prefer at your request and cost – just let us know. In the event of a high bid tie the earliest of the equal bids will be awarded the lot. We reserve the right not to accept certain bids we receive.


Potential Sellers

If you wish to sell comics or related merchandise in one of our future auctions, please send us a detailed list of the items concerned, including approximate condition. Items for inclusion in our auctions are entirely at our discretion. We deduct a Seller’s commission of 20% of the winning bid price for each lot sold. An entry charge of £1 per lot and an insurance charge of 2% of the Reserve price will be charged in any event. We do not charge commission if the lot does not sell.