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Lot # 124:

TV Century 21 (1965-68) 1-157
With No 1 free gift Special Agent Identicode card, No 141 with free gift TV21 3-D specs and  all six TV21 Specials and Extras and Annual No 1
TV Century 21 achieved iconic status during its 1960s production run with many of the comic's legendary characters just as popular now as they were fifty years ago. This was largely due to the influence and deployment of the greatest comic artists of their day. Frank Bellamy and Don Harley drew Thunderbirds, Mike Noble and Don Lawrence took turns at Fireball XL5 and Ron Embleton and Ron Turner drew The Daleks, Stingray and Captain Scarlet. Even Dan Dare's legendary creator, Frank Hampson drew Lady Penelope in issues 40-45
TV21 Annual No 1 [vg], The Specials: TV Century  Stingray Special [vg+], International Extra [vg], Summer Extra 1965 [vg], 1966 [vg+], Thunderbirds Extra [fn] and Spring Extra (1967) [vg+]
The comics: TV 21 No 1 has some spine wear and inside back cover corner taped tears [vg], Special Agent Identicode free gift has secret agent's name and address. No 2 worn spine [vg], No 3 [fn], Nos 4 & 8 [vg], 28, 155 have competition cut-outs [vg], 143, 146, 152, 157 [vg]. The balance 148 issues [fn/vfn] (164)